The Best Games For Your VR Headset

Now all the gamers are jumping into the best VR headset world. Many companies like HTC, Sony and Oculus are delivering a high-class VR headset to people. Here we make you think twice when you are trying to buy VR games because the following is the best VR headsets games.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 

Gamers for VR

It is the HTC Vive game and is a terrifying one for your game collection. By wearing VR headsets, it will provide a single bomb and some gadgets on it. How to disarm the bombs are guided for the rest of your team and you need to talk with other persons through VR to disarm the bomb.


Omega Agent

The omega agent is an open world game. In this game, you will have a jet pack to explore it.

  • The game has tall buildings, high-powered city and high mountains with this you can ride through VR. Make sure you have an eye for hidden items in this match.

Hidden things in this game will give power and jet pack weapons also. It is the best VR Headset for iPhone for who loves to fly in the air.

Don’t Touch Anything

This game about the essence of room escape. You will be left alone in the control room with a red button and colleague his only job is to give the instruction is “Don’t Touch Anything.” It is a series puzzle games will give a headache, and the best part is it’s a VR game.

Ethan Carter

The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

One of the best VR headset game is available on both Rift and Vive. This game is about to find a lost boy in the mysteries world. Surely this game will give you the best experience when you discovered clues and solving the puzzles.

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