How Great Will It Be Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 And Its Special Features

Samsung Galaxy S9 is the upcoming smartphone in the market. But the sad part is that the release date of GS9 is still a rumor. Though it is an unknown fact, you can find many of the websites posting the details about the GS9. Discussing the specifications of the Samsung galaxy s9 at this period because it seems to be too earlier.

It is believed that the waiting time will still be more than nearly a year and a half for the initiation of the smartphone. The present smartphone of this Galaxy Series is the Samsung Galaxy 8, and Samsung will probably be coming out with all the next edition Samsung Galaxy S9 will soon be coming out in early 2018 at the earliest.

1. Screen In The Model Of Folding

Samsung Galaxy S9  is a smartphone which possesses a foldable screen which is a rumor for some couple of years.

The latest news in the press has declared from the authority of the Samsung delivered as that the technique of foldable screen will be expected in the year of 2019.

We can’t expect it too because there may no consistent result until the release date.

2. Smaller Size Version

There is no alternative invention from Samsung Galaxy S9 while dealing with the Android versions to replace the Iphone S7. But the primary cause is that the Samsung is the owner of many lovable users who all are the fans of the models S8 and S8+.

We will have a greater expectation to see the GS9’s unique style in size and design which can prove the master work of Samsung’s brand elegance.

3. Fingerprint Detector Below The Screen

It is clear that the Samsung desired to transfer the fingerprint detector below the screen in the model of GS8. Unfortunately, they couldn’t succeed in that plan because of the insufficient time to make it possible. The galaxy s8’s fingerprint sensor position didn’t gain good comments from its users.

Samsung is good at its work of bringing a home button which is easy to access with a single touch. This option is more helpful in many ways and as we would enjoy in viewing the business matters and feature a fingerprint detector under the monitor.

4. Cost Effective

Samsung has increased the cost of the Galaxy S9, which makes an expensive brand in the smartphone market. It is predominant to have a careful note on describing the price. Because everyone will have an eagle eye on the phone’s price. Average and answerable price will make the phone as the best selling product.

5. Camera With Additional Lens

Taking into consideration, the camera improvements on the GS8 are not up to the expectation. But we are hoping the best to happen with the camera qualities of GS9. The latest news or a rumor describes that the GS9 will possess the Dual Camera with 21-megapixel rear cameras. Front camera expected to be 8MP with only LED flash. Additionally, will have a dual tone LED flash for the excellent low light catch.







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