Most Interesting Facts About Hyena

Hyenas are the wild animals and knowing the details about it will enrich your knowledge of wild life. So here are some most interesting facts about hyena.

Female Hyenas Have The Decision Making Power

Female spotted hyenas are stronger and more forceful than their male partners. In fact, the bodies of a woman have three times with testosterone. Spotted hyena families will have the control over the female hyenas so they are commonly known as the matriarchal societies. Not only the female spotted hyena will show its dominance but also the little girl hyenas will show the power of dominance similar to its mom

Spotted Females In Hyena Group Possess Penis

Usually, the male genders will possess the penis organ but in the case of the spotted female hyena groups, they will have a pseudo penis. The reason for why the female hyenas hold penis is that they are the extension of the elongated clitoris. The most interesting fact in the penis of the spotted female hyena is that their penis length will extend upto the range of 7 inches.

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The Process Of Giving Birth To The Young Ones

The pseudo penis in the female spotted hyenas will perform the actions such as eliminating the urine, part in copulation and in giving birth. Because of this reason, the younger ones of the spotted hyenas will Commonly the صوت الضبع is known as grating find difficult to come out of its mom’s body. As the result, the more than 60 percent younger hyenas are dying through the troubles during the pregnancy.

Difficulty In Feeding

Difficulty In Feeding

The female hyenas will have a count of two in the nibble region. If the hyena gives births to a couple of young ones there it finds more trouble to feed them at a time. So they act like a heartless mother and leaves a baby which is found to be weak and unhealthy.

Laughing Hyenas

It is true that the hyenas possess the habit of laughing. But it is not the indication of happy mood or fun. Through the laughing moments, the hyenas are revealing some indications of their age and other social factors.



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